TV presenter shot for real in 'fake' duel

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TV presenter shot in the leg in fake duel.

A Chilean presenter was shot in the leg on TV when a guest on his show accidentally used a real gun in what was supposed to be a fake duel.

It was only when Jaime Campuzano's leg started to bleed that the crew realised what had happened, reports Terra.

He was shot by Anibal Rios Montt, a farmer and renowned Chilean eccentric who is obsessed with cowboy movies and insists on being called 'Sheriff'.

Mr Montt challenged Mr Campuzano to a fake duel in front of the cameras and shot first, hitting him in the leg.

He said: "I had two pistols, a fake one and a real one and I took the real one by mistake. I am devastated."

Mr Campuzano, who suffered only a minor injury, said he understood it had been an accident and bore no grudges.

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